Sunday, October 31, 2010

“Paging all dealers, I mean, doctors…”

Californians are preparing to vote on a measure to legalize marijuana this Tuesday. How did things get to this point?

Last week, supporters of drug legalization came clean about role of medical marijuana in facilitating the current measure:

I tell Cliff that what I’m most struck by is how the medical marijuana movement has euphemized the old glossary. “Users” are now “patients.” “Dealers” are “caregivers.” And the dope itself? “Medicine!” says Cliff, going for the assist. “There’s no more weed. I correct everybody now. Because that’s part of getting rid of the stigma. It’s medicine.”

But if its only allowed for medicinal purposes, surely doctors must be maintaining strict standards to prevent abuse, right? Not so, says Nicholas Kristof:

Special medical clinics abound where for about $45 you can see a doctor who is certain to give you the medical recommendation that you need to buy marijuana.

The charade which is medical marijuana is now being revealed for what it really is: a preliminary stage to weaken public resolve, enabling further drug legalization.

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